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Woodturner`s Site
Marcel van Berkel

The Tools I use
I work mostly with British- and US-made Tools for the extreme thin and deep vazes I use a custum-made tool of the sort that the Canadian Frank Sudol uses. This Custom-made tool is 180 cm long and weights 35 kilo. This Heavy parallel tool is equipped with exchangable cutting-tips and a light. This light is used for shining through the 2-3mm thin wooden vaze. This can also be done with a laser or glasfiber light. The custom-made tool is manufactured by Willem de Wit from Kornhorn.  The Lathe`s I use are a VICMARC EVSE 300 with electronic varibale speed and a RECORD POWER.
All the hollow forms are made with "Woodcut-Tools" from New Zealand. Use the link above to see more about "Woodcut-Tools"

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