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Woodturner`s Site
Marcel van Berkel
 2003   2004

Axminster woodturning and Woodcarving exhibition and comptetion 2003

I joined the Tools 2003 (Axminster woodturning and woodcarving exhibition and comptetion) the first week of november 2003 in Exeter Devon. I brought some woodturnings with me from Holland and  I am very proud to have won Gold in the Open Category of Woodturning.

This Open form is in exhibition SEA TOT ODYSSEY in St Pauls, Minasota USA

I am even more proud that the winning piece (three vases from the FINALE SERIES)  has been bought by the famous DANIEL COLLECTION  OF FINE TURNED WOOD.

As every year it was a great show.

Axminster woodturning and Woodcarving exhibition and competition 2004

This year I joined again the Axminster woodturning competition. This year I won the special prize in the Open Category with Cloudy Sky.